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Still Meadow or Dove meadow?

Are you looking for the Ballard School district? It is the most sought after located in Ballard in a charming little red school house from 1882.

Properties located in the Ballard School district form a close knit grou, the neighbor kids are all the best and they go to the cutest school in history together. Since they probably own a family horse or two because one horse just can not stand to be alone, the trail system around the neighborhood has the flavor of Hope ranch, with a wide pathways between property fences giving way to a few miles of exercise for the horses or just you and the dogs.

Still Meadow in Ballard is nice, but Dove Meadow is also in the Ballard School district and has the vast views of the East Santa Ynez Valley all the way to the Los Padres National Forest and Grass Mountain. The view of Grass Mountain is my personal favorite of the Santa Ynez Valley. You may say that Quail Valley Road is just as good, but it doesn’t have the elevation. On Dove Meadow you see a breathtaking view of of beautiful pristine Oak woodland and small ranches, to the expanse of wildlands beyond. I’d like to have that on my drive home everyday.

The houses on dove Meadow Road can be bought for $1,500,000. the homes on Still Meadow are more like $2,500,000.

Where do you see chickens crossing the road? Just in front of Davy Brown’s mailbox, yes Davy Brown from the Monkeys. Who knows why there are chickens crossing the road, except that they want to get to the other side. Your guess is as good as mine as to whose chickens are those. If you don’t want to have your own horse or only want to have one, you can board just down the street at your neighbor’s house and he can do all of the work.

Behind this house on Dove Meadow in Solvang is the Buttonwood vineyards and Peach groves and everything else that is beautifully farmed at Buttonwood. it is interesting how if you walk over the hill you are on Alamo Pintado, yet to drive seems like in another area of the Valley.