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About Jeanne

After 28 years of service to clients in the Santa Ynez Valley, Jeanne knows her strengths and how to use them to represent you. Her expertise is as a Buyer’s broker supporting the negotiation on the Buy-side of the transaction. Her talent is consistently finding the property that matches her buyers vision and intent. She is fearless in negotiation with the other agents and the sellers. Being unencumbered by office politics, but a valued colleague of the other agents, her focus is on promoting the needs and wants of the Buyer. Transparent and hard-working her relationships with county officials, contractors and tradesmen facilitate thorough investigation of a property. Bright and well educated, Jeanne can see through to create new possibilities and outcomes.


My Client Testimonials

“Working with Jeanne was fantastic! She is very knowledgeable about the Santa Ynez Valley, and having her expertise was invaluable when navigating the process as first time buyers. She is kind, respectful, diligent, proactive, and resourceful. I will no doubt call on her again.”

“Jeanne was terrific to work with. She is honest and straightforward about the value proposition of any home, understands the intricacies of the buying process, and has stellar professional skills when communicating with all parties- including mortgage and insurance people. Importantly, she listens to people’s ideas and has a knack for matching people with homes they will love.”

“Jeanne is a fantastic buyers’ agent. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the area and values. She is able to find the “hidden gems” and helps walk you through every step in the process of buying a home. She knows all the best experts to assess and inspect your property before purchase and develop a game plan going forward. Jeanne was just delightful to work with and I highly recommend her!”

“Words cannot express how grateful we are to Jeanne for helping us purchase our home in Solvang. Because of her valuable expertise, knowledge of the area and connections in the industry we were able to purchase a home quickly without waiting for years. Thank you very much Jeanne for your guidance and hard work! You're the best!”

“Jeanne has done it all for us, for our neighbors, for our friends, and for our family members with caring professionalism. Not only are her communication skills considerable, but we have been especially impressed by her aplomb during those more complicated and difficult types of real estate transactions, both domestic and international. She's a delight to work with and has a special gift for seeing the possibilities that are invisible to most of us. We enthusiastically recommend Jeanne to you for all of your real estate needs, from the simple to the complex.”

“I could not be more pleased working with Jeanne. Jeanne helped me to find a house rental. She is easy to communicate with and an absolute pleasure to work with. She goes above and beyond, and I would highly recommend her for your real estate needs from the simple to the complex.”

“Jeanne was such a pleasure to work with when we sold our house. Knowing how emotional an experience selling a house can be, she expertly and gently guided us through the steps during the four months of prepping, staging and waiting for the right offer to come our way. From cleaners, painters, landscapers, movers - Jeanne had a strong team to support our sale efforts. Her knowledge of the local market was unsurpassed, and she took the time to not only set us up for a successful sale, but she came up with a plan "B" in case we didn't get the right offer. We couldn't have had a more satisfying experience!”

“Wonderful agent! Right there for any questions, reports, kept on top of all things that needed to be done. Escrow went very smooth! We give her highest recommendations! A+ realtor!”

“Speaking from our business and personal experiences with Jeanne Hollingsworth, I cannot say enough positive things about this woman. She is one class act that will go above and beyond to find the perfect scenario for you. It was by pure accident that we picked Jeanne, and boy what a blessing it turned out to be. She will guide you throughout the entire process, there was never a time that she failed at keeping us up to date on the entire transaction. We had a very large list of properties to look at in a very short time, with not much notice. And boy did she pull through. Her communication, knowledge and passion of the business is an A+++. She takes the time to really know the properties before showing. And living in the area for 20 plus years, it was great to pick her brain and boy did we ever. Jeanne made us very comfortable during our stay looking at property and made sure we had everything we needed. We are very excited to make this Valley our home!”

“Jeanne was very kind and helpful when I needed information on a property. She took the time to research the property and helped us make informed decisions. It was totally appreciated.”

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