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Jeanne Hollingsworth Real Estate
After 28 years of service to clients in the Santa Ynez Valley, Jeanne knows her strengths and how to use them to represent you. Her expertise is as a Buyer’s broker supporting the negotiation on the Buy-side of the transaction. Her talent is consistently finding the property that matches her buyers vision and intent. She is fearless in negotiation with the other agents and the sellers. Being unencumbered by office politics, but a valued colleague of the other agents, her focus is on promoting the needs and wants of the Buyer. Transparent and hard-working her relationships with county officials, contractors and tradesmen facilitate thorough investigation of a property. Bright and well educated, Jeanne can see through to create new possibilities and outcomes.

Always with great heart and integrity she fully engages her resources to serve and promote her clients. She represents high-end luxury properties by thinking outside of the box, using direct email and association with the four major realtor Boards from Beverly Hills, Ventura, Santa Barbara and the exclusive Santa Ynez Valley. Her listings go to 90,000 other realtors in the State of California. She has resources for staging, advertising and putting your house on the market. Creating events and parties around the property if acceptable and unsolicited showings to financial managers are unique strategies beyond internet marketing that she employs.

She has been successful in her career achieving awards and ranking among her peers, but success is not the reason she is working for you. She works to help you find the home of your heart’s desire and move forward. She works to have you as a happy resident of your forever home and a lifelong friend.