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La Purisima Mission

La Purisima Mission Surrounded by wide open spaces and large ranches gets you in the mood for taking a ride or a hike in Gods country, but where? On the outskirts of Lompoc sits La Purisima Mission. It is the eleventh of the twenty-...

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Still Meadow or Dove meadow?

Are you looking for the Ballard School district? It is the most sought after located in Ballard in a charming little red school house from 1882. Properties located in the Ballard School district form a close knit grou, the neighbo...

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Around the world to find the Santa Ynez Valley

My life has been an incredible eclectic journey, and whether it was traveling internationally or seeing my goals come to fruition right here in California, these experiences have shown me that I achieve the most by finding the connections...

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Rent or Buy?

So, you want to live in the Santa Ynez Valley, but the prices are too high. If you were to buy a home for $600,000, your monthly mortgage would be roughly $3,000 a month. The price of a rental for the same property is $2,800 to $3,000 a m...

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